tree-sitter-plpgsqlplpgsql grammar for tree-sitterauthorC, JS, TreeSitter2022passively-maintained
wd2A wrapper over d2 which allows to use additional configs from d2 fileauthorBash2022passively-maintained
tree-sitter-d2d2 grammar for tree-sitterauthorC, JS, TreeSitter2022passively-maintained
nix2luaThis is a small but functional library that converts your nix configurations into lua format.authorNix2022passively-maintained
vnetodDotenv section switcherauthorRust2022passively-maintained
estringA simple way to parse a string using type annotations.authorRust2022passively-maintained
enveIt helps you work with environment variables and convert it to any type using only type annotationsauthorRust2022passively-maintained
dexiosDexios is a fast, secure, and open source command-line encryption tool.collaboratorRust2022passively-maintained
parenLibrary for parsing and rendering information.authorTS, Deno2022as-is, experimental
recipesSite with recipes which cares about privacyauthorTS, Deno, Rust2022passively-maintained
pleshevski.ruSource code of my personal siteauthorTS, Deno, Docker, Drone2022passively-maintained
docker stack drone pluginDeploy to production using `docker stack deploy`authorDocker, Drone2022passively-maintained
hwthealthy workaholic timer – A tool that keeps you from breaking your health by working all day.authorRust2022as-is
migraSimple SQL migration manager for your project.authorRust2021as-is
ood_persistenceAsynchronous and synchronous interfaces and persistence implementations for your OOD architecture authorRust2021deprecated, experimental
espruino-starterQuickly start creating your new project on the espruino board or a board based on it.authorJS2021as-is
sonic-channelRust client for sonic search backend.authorRust2020passively-maintained
react-rest-requestMinimalistic REST API client for React inspired by Apollo.authorTS, React2020as-is
itconfigEasy build a configs from environment variables and use it in globally.authorRust2019deprecated
it-fsmSimple full-featured finite state machine for your projectauthorTS, NodeJS, Deno2019passively-maintained
Cabinet Master ProgressStudent's cabinet of the educational center Master Progress (SSR + SPA)tech leadPython, Flask, PostgreSQL, TS, React, Docker, Drone, Nix2019passively-maintained
genrssRSS generator for pythonauthorPython2019passively-maintained
marshmallow_pageinfoPage info marshmallow schema for apiauthorPython2019as-is
BinaryManagementProject management tool for interior designersdeveloper, tech lead, team leadTS, NodeJS, React, Antd, Docker, Drone, Rust, Nix2018actively-developed
CoreSpiritSocial platform focusing on human and planetary enhancementdeveloperTS, NodeJS, React, Docker20182019
Master ProgressMain website of the educational center Master Progress (SSR + Forms)tech leadPython, Flask, JS, Docker, Drone2018passively-maintained
ictmplGenerate projects from templatesauthorPython2018as-is
jjcryptoJavascript encoder and decoderauthorPHP2015as-is