Highlighted working experience

Binary Management

  • Dates: August 2018 – currently
  • Roles: Lead Fullstack Developer, Team Lead, Architect

Development of a project management tool for interior designers

  • Development of the GraphQL API (Node.JS, Apollo, PostgreSQL, Redis, BullMQ). Moved database triggers to business logic. Wrote integration tests on 70% api.
  • Development of the frontend (React, Antd). Formed uikit, shared components, redesigned the page generation gathering. Completely changed work with API on the frontend. Introduced the practice of writing integration tests using cypress
  • Completely ported the project to TypeScript. Implemented OOD for the backend and frontend.
  • As a team leader, I brought the critical chain method, the buffer method, and the planning method to the project from the end. Helped the team get into a rhythm to make releases each week in small batches. A couple of times I also prepared an individual development plan for team members.

Master Progress

  • Dates: May 2018 - currently (Passively maintained)
  • Role: Tech Lead

Development web infrastructure of the educational center Master Progress

  • Development of the main site(Python, Flask).
  • Development of Student's cabinet(Python, Flask, TypeScript, React).
  • Created a complete infrastructure on Drone and Docker swarm.

Core Spirit

  • Dates: August 2018 - May 2020
  • Role: Lead Fullstack Developer

Development of Social platform focusing on human and planetary enhancement

  • Development of the REST API (Node.JS, Express, PostgreSQL) for main site and backoffice.
  • Development of an auto poster to various social networks and messengers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram).
  • Development of a neural network for automatic categorization of articles.


  • Dates: March 2016 – May 2018
  • Role: Senior Fullstack developer

In this company there were 6 considerable projects I have successfully completed:

  • optimize the creation of promotional pages (PHP, JavaScript)
  • support main traditional site (PHP, JavaScript)
  • development of parsing to monitor products for changes in price, quantity/availability in stock, rating and other fields based on data from 55 websites (Node.JS, Express)
  • work with neural networks for matching of goods
  • development face recognition apps for Android (Java)


tree-sitter-plpgsqlplpgsql grammar for tree-sitterauthorC, JS, TreeSitter2022passively-maintained
wd2A wrapper over d2 which allows to use additional configs from d2 fileauthorBash2022passively-maintained
tree-sitter-d2d2 grammar for tree-sitterauthorC, JS, TreeSitter2022passively-maintained
nix2luaThis is a small but functional library that converts your nix configurations into lua format.authorNix2022passively-maintained
vnetodDotenv section switcherauthorRust2022passively-maintained
estringA simple way to parse a string using type annotations.authorRust2022passively-maintained
enveIt helps you work with environment variables and convert it to any type using only type annotationsauthorRust2022passively-maintained
dexiosDexios is a fast, secure, and open source command-line encryption tool.collaboratorRust2022passively-maintained
parenLibrary for parsing and rendering information.authorTS, Deno2022as-is, experimental
recipesSite with recipes which cares about privacyauthorTS, Deno, Rust2022passively-maintained
pleshevski.ruSource code of my personal siteauthorTS, Deno, Docker, Drone2022passively-maintained
docker stack drone pluginDeploy to production using `docker stack deploy`authorDocker, Drone2022passively-maintained
hwthealthy workaholic timer – A tool that keeps you from breaking your health by working all day.authorRust2022as-is
migraSimple SQL migration manager for your project.authorRust2021as-is
ood_persistenceAsynchronous and synchronous interfaces and persistence implementations for your OOD architecture authorRust2021deprecated, experimental
espruino-starterQuickly start creating your new project on the espruino board or a board based on it.authorJS2021as-is
sonic-channelRust client for sonic search backend.authorRust2020passively-maintained
react-rest-requestMinimalistic REST API client for React inspired by Apollo.authorTS, React2020as-is
itconfigEasy build a configs from environment variables and use it in globally.authorRust2019deprecated
it-fsmSimple full-featured finite state machine for your projectauthorTS, NodeJS, Deno2019passively-maintained
Cabinet Master ProgressStudent's cabinet of the educational center Master Progress (SSR + SPA)tech leadPython, Flask, PostgreSQL, TS, React, Docker, Drone, Nix2019passively-maintained
genrssRSS generator for pythonauthorPython2019passively-maintained
marshmallow_pageinfoPage info marshmallow schema for apiauthorPython2019as-is
BinaryManagementProject management tool for interior designersdeveloper, tech lead, team leadTS, NodeJS, React, Antd, Docker, Drone, Rust, Nix2018actively-developed
CoreSpiritSocial platform focusing on human and planetary enhancementdeveloperTS, NodeJS, React, Docker20182019
Master ProgressMain website of the educational center Master Progress (SSR + Forms)tech leadPython, Flask, JS, Docker, Drone2018passively-maintained
ictmplGenerate projects from templatesauthorPython2018as-is
jjcryptoJavascript encoder and decoderauthorPHP2015as-is