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My name is Dmitriy Pleshevskiy.

I'm an open source software enthusiast, a lead software developer, architect, team leader and also mentor.


Programming Languages:

  • TypeScript (prefer, solid 9-year exp)
  • SQL (prefer, solid 8-year exp)
  • Rust (prefer, solid 5-year exp)
  • Python (solid 9-year exp)
  • Haskell
  • Bash
  • Java
  • C#
  • C++


  • PostgreSQL (prefer, solid 7-year exp)
  • MySQL
  • Sqlite
  • MsSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Reddis

I also have extensive experience in creating the following applications:

  • Traditional (SSR + Forms)
  • API (REST/GraphQL/WebSocket/EventSource)
  • Dynamic (SPA)
  • Hybrid (SSR + SPA)
  • Console
  • Crossplatform


Backend (Rust)

  • axum (prefer, solid 2-year exp)
  • async-graphql (prefer, solid 2-year exp)
  • shaku (prefer, solid 2-year exp)
  • bb8 + postgres-types (prefer, solid 5-year exp)
  • diesel (2-year exp)

Backend (Node.JS)

  • Apollo (solid 5-year exp)
  • Express (solid 9-year exp)
  • Nest.JS
  • Knex.js / Objection.js (solid 5-year exp)
  • Sequelize


  • React (solid 8-year exp)
  • VueJS (prefer, solid 3-year exp)
  • Cypress (prefer, solid 3-year exp)
  • JQuery
  • Antd / Antdv
  • PostCSS (prefer, solid 5-year exp)
  • Sass (prefer, solid 8-year exp)
  • Less (weak 4-year exp)


  • NixOS / NixOps / Nix dev shell (prefer, solid 2-year exp)
  • Docker Swarm (prefer, solid 5-year exp)
  • Kubernetes (weak 4-year exp)
  • Woodpecker CI (prefer, solid 3-year exp)
  • Drone CI (solid 3-year exp)
  • Gitlab CI (solid 7-year exp)
  • GitHub Actions (3-year exp)


Open-source projects are my passion! I develop, maintain and improve projects in my spare time.

Besides programming, I love to cook and spend time with my beloved family!


SimpleX: Dmitriy Pleshevskiy

Telegram: Dmitriy Pleshevskiy


Email: dmitriy[at]pleshevski[dot]ru


My Git Repo

My Github (Suspended due to sanctions)